Friday, January 13, 2012

My Magic Word

Greetings, beautiful Souls! I started writing this post over a week ago, sitting somewhat awkwardly on the floor in our new home in southeast Florida! But then our furniture arrived, and I've been immersed in the unpacking, organizing, arranging. Now, at least, I can sit at the computer in a spine friendly chair, and continue! On the heels of the Solstice releasing ceremony, we moved 1200 miles east. Talk about a literal way to express the energy of a letting go/bringing in the new ritual!! The last several weeks have been exhausting, chaotic, adventurous and hope filled. I feel ultra aware of the desire to move forward into a healthier, more vibrant place in my life. Perfectly timed, then, was the flip of the calendar page to a new year. Instead of making resolutions though, I CHOOSE A WORD to set my intent for the coming year. The choosing is a process for me to say the least. I pour over words. Reread journal entries. Scan poems. Conjure the feel of what I'd like the year to bring. Knowing that eventually, the word will show itself. I will recognize it as the path I wish to follow. And, finally, last week, I found my word for 2012: FLOURISH!

Flourish is rooted in flower. In blossom. It implies a connection (and need) for light, for water, for wind, for earth, for moon. And in this way it is in communion with the elements and with the energy that it takes for all those separate pieces to harmonize and flower in a multitude of colors. Flourish speaks to me of the inner world necessary for this to occur while simultaneously requiring a dynamic relation with the outer world.

I have just moved to a place where there are all manner of new- to- me plants, flowers, and trees. How perfect to sit before them and listen as another way to connect with the meaning of this word. I am even surrounded by streets named after flowers! And the nickname of our city, you might ask? Orchid City! Yup. The Universe knows how to affirm a choice!

A BIG aha moment when I was pondering whether flourish was the word I was searching for? I just left behind a place experiencing catastrophic drought. Where I myself experienced a kind of emotional and physical drought. A drawing inward to survive. I don't doubt that this word of intent will challenge me in many ways. My health issues, my emotional roller coaster rides, my ragged edges all need some gentle tending to regain steadiness and enough trust to risk a blossom or two.

I am ready to recover. To stand in the rain, to soak up sun, to let my roots draw up the sacred from the earth beneath my feet. To be near the Ocean, who symbolizes for me the Great Mother. To draw from Her vast creative wisdom about what it means to flourish.

[Thank you to all the women who've inspired me with their word choosing and visions for the new year! Especially Lis, Mel, Indigo, Connie, and Pixie. Love and gratitude, Wise Women!}



  1. ha! that is SO cool....hubs and i used to live in Stuart (about 30 min. west of you) i LOVE that ocean....


    beautiful word -- it has so much juice to it, it really does.

    i wish you a most abundant and verdant blossoming in your new home.....dip a toe in the sea for me, would ya?


  2. How magical crazy cool is that?? I am excited to visit the Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge. I will totally check out Stuart just knowing you once lived there :)And consider my toe dipped!