Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Blessing

May you know peace, joy, love
May you experience wonder and magic even in the simplest things
May you delight in your life and all its intricacies
May laughter be the balm that heals all wounds

May that which is shadowed- your pain and deep sorrows-
Be honored
And brought into the Light
May you experience an alchemy of the Spirit
May you ever be open to the Sacred, to the Divine, to the Mystery-

May there be poetry and song
May you share YOUR story around the table, the hall, the holy fire
For this is your greatest Gift-
Your own humanity

Love and Light,

[As part of my own Solstice celebration, I, along with hundreds of other women around the world, will be participating in Pixie Campbell's Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies. This is a simple ritual of releasing, to make room for that which you wish to cultivate in the coming year. Go HERE for the full, beautiful details! May we meet in the circle.]


  1. breath-taking
    much much love to you today and everyday sister.
    see you in the circle!

  2. I will be thinking of you as I release my bundle ... I know the coming year will be one of deep connection, learning, growth and so much love. I know because you are my sister on this path :)

    Aho! xo Lis

  3. beautiful..I'll be releasing with you tomorrow.

  4. see you 'round the flames, sister-of-mine....

    much love...xoxo

  5. beautifully written....
    I will be joining you at the fire sister....

    Love and Light

  6. my fire found here

    Love and Light

  7. Feeling your fire...and that magical Saltwater Mama that's coming in. Thank you for all that you are, do and symbolize, Beauty.

  8. Wishing you so much Love and Light in the New Year!