Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Begin November

I can't believe it is November already!! I have so much to share I don't know where to begin.
The end of September, my husband and I visited the mountains of Colorado.

This is one of my Soul places. When I am there surrounded by the mountains, the trees, the waterfalls, I feel like "me." In the cooler Autumn air, I breathe deeper. I am more comfortable in my skin. A peace that has eluded me the past several years, suddenly settles itself around my restless spirit.

I hiked. I laughed. I caught glimpses of what I want for my life.

Back in Florida. . .
Maybe in my next post a little bit about the Sea and what She has been telling me.
Right now I've got quite a little list of activities going!!
*Autumn SouLodge 
*Inner Glow Self Care (An online home retreat created by my dear friend Lis. It is wonderful!
*World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange (November is Diabetes Awareness Month and you know how I love postcards!)
*NaNoWriMo (!) aka National Novel Writing Month. This will be my 2nd time diving into the craziness that is writing 50,000 words during the month of November. In 2010, I successfully made the word goal. It was exhausting, all consuming, and some days I considered abandoning the entire thing. But in the end it was totally worth it. So here I am again!! It just started yesterday, so it's not too late for YOU to join in!!

Essentially, we belong beautifully to nature. The body knows this belonging and desires it. It does not exile us either spiritually or emotionally. The human body is at home on the earth -John O' Donohue


  1. Ah ... love seeing your gorgeous photos and the pic of you surrounded by that mountain field of flowers makes me smile every time I see it! There is such wisdom in Mr. O'D's quote ... and fitting for you and your journeys in different landscapes, seeking your body's center and balance ... it feels like you have gone deep Persephone but as you pointed out, Autumn is our Spring!

    So glad you are writing again. Shine on! xoxo

  2. love the activities....joining you in the Lodge this season as well : )
    the pictures are gorgeous there is nothing like Mother Natures way of opening us up with her immense beauty and deep spirit....heaven to be sure!

    lovely to see your smiling face!

    love and light

  3. Your photos and reflections of Colorado sound wonderful and very relaxing. I am in a similar place this fall.. going deep in a way that I have not been able to in previous years.

    I too am doing both SouLodge and NaNoWriMo this month! I was a bit worried that 50,000 words would kill the peace that I've so desperately needed, but so far, I'm finding that it is yet another practice that is feeding my soul. Good luck to you Sister as you voyage through the sea of words this month!