Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blue Moon Postcard

Dearest Readers,
I have been on an unplanned vacation. Soul work does not plan ahead, schedule days off, or choose a destination. It just decides, packs the tiniest of bags, and heads for the edges of Inanna's underworld. That is where I have been. . . hanging with my shadows, my fears, all that is unresolved. I have been tired, yet unable to sleep. Restless, yet too tired to really wander. I have erected a wall of sorts around my vulnerable places, and in so doing, have walled off my most wild and beautiful Self. Blood sugars have run high and tears shed far too often. Dreams go unremembered. My journals have quickly filled, but even these are like broken records. Words I never used to call up are written there: hopeless, lost, confused, why bother, failure. Still, bits of healing have made it through in the form of acupuncture, SouLodge, and perfectly timed snail mail from far away friends. My strong husband and my wise dog have handed me magic everyday regardless of my darkness.
Tomorrow is the second full moon of August - a Blue Moon. To honor Her bright beauty and draw upon this second chance, it seems appropriate to me to breathe some fresh life back into this space. It may only be small glimpses. My Muse muscle is a little out of shape.
As the moon goes full, know that I am wishing you much healing and magic in your life! That I have missed you, and that I hope to see you soon. . .
Wildest Blessings,


  1. standing in silent strength with you sister
    staff in hand
    this was beautiful.....

    love and light

  2. I love you Witch sister, I am always by your side. Beautiful photo! Your healing is coming...

    1. I am so grateful for your magical presence!
      Much love-

  3. I love you, cher -- I have been in that place so so many times...infact I recently just crawled out of it! Next time we can dig ourselves in the mud together and our howl-echos will turn into laughter cackles! Love to you and kisses on the blue moon -- I LOVE your blue moon postcard!! I was so out of touch, I had no idea there was going to be a blue moon -- it magestically appeared like a peaceful glowing guardian on the darkening sky -- the rose glowing sun clouds drifting off behind....I was trapped in the car and as soon as we pulled over, I leapt out and went running down the middle of my street,(so many freakin' trees!!) when I finally got to a clearing and took a picture, which turned out much better in my memory...., I stopped, sighed and saw that a number of my new neighbors were looking my direction, incredulously...'WOT? I'm chasing the moon" yep, that's how I met half my street...wonder what small town gossip will await me next week...the crazed madwoman who lives in the blue house on the corner...s'pose I had to break them in at some point.... ;-)
    I can't wait til our paths cross agin! I miss you sooo much! XO

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