Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

The year is a dancing woman,who is born at the coming of spring -Shekhinah Mountainwater
I am feeling a little disoriented by what the season entails here in Florida. To me it feels like summer is already in full swing! There is not the tell-tale and eagerly anticipated signs I am used to in the Midwest: first green, daffodils, and those tiny buds that show up on the barren trees. Even if the end of March was still heavy with cold and gray, I could feel that magic stirring beneath my feet. I am not complaining, mind you, but here it feels like there is nothing to anticipate because it never really left. I do not doubt that there is a cycle of foliage, temperature shifts,  and birds flying through. Things learned after a person has lived here for a few seasons. When we lived in Texas, someone told me the seasons were "summer" and "NOT summer." I think this place might be more like "summer" and "LESS summer." What I am really trying to say is that those seasonal markers, changes in the wind, the foliage, the birds, the precipitation are in my blood, my DNA. They are me at my 42 year old diabetic, wild and witchy core. My cues for what comes next, where I need to head, my compass, my sacred medicine wheel. I am still tuning into this new landscape and climate. Still learning the sound of her voice and the nuances of her language. I am determined not to be pulled off center by the unfamiliarity(which has been happening with each of our moves), but instead, allow the magic of the Maiden(as She always does) to lift my spirit after a long winter and spark my hopes for flourishing.

From the Daughters of the Moon Tarot deck, I have chosen The Dreamer card (comparable to The Fool in a traditional deck) as she represents the energy of Spring.

The Dreamer represents our free spirit about to embark on a journey or an adventure. It is the card of self-love, trust and faith in the existence of Goddess energy, or the most complete and perfect aspect of yourself. The Dreamer is womanspirit or our pure essence, learning to see the Goddess in ourselves as well as in others. [She] symbolizes the 0, the egg, the vulva or the opening, returning from zero, all beginnings which are also endings, including the beginning of the journey into the tarot, which represents life's lessons, or the journey into oneself. It is recognizing yourself as your source . . . and is the birthing process, the source of all things, the search for our ideal self. In many cultures of the past, young people were sent on a journey alone to "come of age" and to dream. To "dream" meant to have visions and meet your spirit guides or animal totems. [The Dreamer] was put in touch with her sources of power (from Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan).


  1. i know what you mean about the lack of definable seasons in florida -- i must say i really missed spring and was like you say..sort of hot and then but i also didn't ever live one FULL cycle of seasons at any one time...we traveled back and forth so i imagine it would help to tune into the subtle shifts...

    and of course the trade off is all that gorgeously lush foliage and flowerage and..of course...the sea...