Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Between the Worlds

 I've been inhabiting that strange place between vacation and "real" life.

I feel kind of suspended -holding onto all the beauty of our trip.

Afraid to set it down because I don't want to lose the magic of a place where I can breath deep, wander free, dance openly.

Isn't that always the challenge of the return?

To not simply go back to the way things were, but to begin fresh and open to new possibility?


  1. oh, i know that feeling well....sometimes it's so hard to transition back to the real world after time spent in the wild places...


  2. oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!
    traveling there with you my friend.

  3. Welcome home! I love what you say ... it is so true, to return to our familiar space but we are no longer the same from having traveled and now the creative challenge is to bring the two into alignment. Begin anew. Sounds perfect for summer!

    I so loved watching your journey on FB ...

    fabulous pictures ... the sky! Ah, but I bet sweet Sonya was happy to have you both home :)

    sending you hugs and hopes for more adventures in your journal pages!

    xo Lisa