Thursday, May 26, 2011

D-Blog Week: Intense and Amazing!

Hello, World! I am back from an awesome vacation and ready to dive back into the beautiful blogosphere! Though Diabetes Blog Week officially ended on May 15th, I still feel the need to write a wrap up post about the experience of participating (at least until blogger went down and I left for vacation still unable to add any posts)!

The word that comes to mind is INTENSE! Devoting our voices, as a community of people connected by an incurable illness, to the sharing of our stories could be nothing less! Every night I found myself staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading posts from many different vantage points. All of them powerful and necessary to the understanding of life with diabetes. I felt overwhelmed by being so totally immersed in stories that echoed my own. Incredibly moved by how many of the biggest advocates for a cure are our loved ones without diabetes. Reminded of how much parents sacrifice to ensure their children's well - being (THANKS, MOM AND DAD). Humbled by those who have endured more. Longing to learn from those who have done better. Awed by the powerful ways which people find to cope: prayer, art, triathlons, humor, poetry, advocacy. And on and beautifully on!

As a new blogger, it encouraged me to share details of my own story I had never really voiced before to the wider world. Even close friends and family told me they had not known the extent of some of my struggles. Searching the last 30 years for specific moments (even if I didn't share them all yet) crucial to my diabetes life was both difficult and enlightening. Trying to connect the dots of my own life and process all the stories I'd read the night before meant some mornings I cried before I even got out of bed! And I wouldn't want it any other way, because, in my experience, I recognize this as a sign of deep and soul felt healing.

So I want to say a heart felt thank you to Karen for such a fabulous job coordinating everybody's voice. To all those who viewed my posts, your support is SO MUCH APPRECIATED. To my husband who never wavers in his devotion no matter how many bad days, I LOVE YOU. And, another resounding NAMASTE to the entire diabetes online community for sharing your sorrows, your laughter, your anger, and your recognition of the blessings. YOU ARE AMAZING!

The Pacific Ocean from Pt. Reyes Natl Seashore


  1. as you shared your stories and your path with diabetes i feel like i know you just that much more, and i feel woven into your experience, if only as a witness, but also now as someone who hears you, who sees you, whose life is expanded one hundred fold, and is filled up with love as a result. thank you angela, thank you!

  2. THANK YOU,Tracy!You always inspire me with your words and art.You are a goddess! :)

  3. Thank you so much for being a part of Diabetes Blog Week!!!! It was so great to have all of our voices coming together and telling our stories.