Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Vlog: Diabetes on Roller Skates!

Diabetes on Roller Skates from Angela Lee on Vimeo.

I promise to reduce my use of "uhm" if I vlog again! The type of lens I am trying to describe is a no-line bifocal! Haha. . .
The link to Lis' original post on her Joy Warrior campaign can be found here. Below is the lovely handmade postcard I received from her inspiring me to explore the subject of joy:

The lovely article "How to Lead a Joyous Life" by Susan Weed can be found at Our Inner Lives.
And, I am excited to announce that I will be participating in Dblog Week! That means each day next week I will be posting in response to a set topic related to life with diabetes. This will be a fun way to share with you a little bit more about my experiences and perspective.



  1. OMG!!! I haven't even watched yet ... I have to run out and am saving this for a quieter moment in my day ... but I am so SO thrilled to see you here. And now to hear you!

    And my prize arrived yesterday and I want to find a new journal and begin writing ... perfect timing my friend. The universe and you gently nudging me forward.

    more later! xo Lis

  2. Ahhhhh ....

    You are my roller skating Joy Warrioress!

    Such a beautiful sharing ... while I've known about your struggles with diabetes, honestly in my experience you always seem to be this Radiant, Joyfilled, Life embracing person ... but it helps to hear about those darker moments, to understand we all have some aspect of life that nips at our heels, challenging us to dig deeper and hold on tighter to Joy, life, hope, belief.

    You just blow me away with your beauty, wisdom, grace and fearlessness. And poetry! I love the idea of you roller skating yourself to your place of empowerment, freedom and well being.

    And that hat is super cute! I love hats but always feel silly when I wear one ... I think a hat (or bandana, headwrap, etc) must be part of the official Joy Warrior uniform.

    Keep telling your story ... there is so much grace and healing in your words and in you perspective.

    {{hugs}} xo Lis

    and way to go Mike for encouraging you! my hubby does not yet know about my vlogs!!

  3. oh angela this is so amazing. thank you so much for being brave and sharing yourself with us. especially for sharing the pain, because that is a vulnerable and yet such an authentic place to be. i feel i like i know you so much better now.

    i had skates like that! yay for you, for your spirit, for choosing joy at that moment and now.


    really looking forward to tribal fest now :o)

  4. wooooot!! go vloggy goodness! i bit the bullet last week and it's a total rush once you get over the terror and panic. lol

    i second everything that Lis and Tracy said...and it's freakin awesome that your hubs is so encouraging...mine is only vaguely aware that i blog, never mind vlog....;)