Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Whole Time

you've been with me
since my feet first birth
my days of fast running, horse riding
since that day in burning hot August when the doctors
told me you had changed shape
since the moonblood began
first kiss,caress
since the first time I let a man inside my walls
since I marked you with goddess images
since I let rain wash over and purposefully
called the elements into gentle contact
you've been with me
since the first circle of women
since heartbreak and sacrifice
since true love appeared
since I stood in the Ocean
since the Winged One wrestled us to the ground 
and Innana arranged a trip beneath the surface 
you spoke LOUD then with nerve pain
I re-emerged and again you
changed shape but did not leave
Since you are and have been always
She Who Is  
She of Ten Thousand Names
This whole time
My own body



  1. You've really got me thinking a lot about my relationship with my body and how I honor and disrespect her ... and seeing this all as a sacred journey, medicines/teachings being offered again and again until I "get" it ... so much to consider ... thinking some more :)

    LOVE your banner ... did you make it?

    xo Lis

  2. Lis- Thank you so much for being here! :) I always think that with as many spins around the sun as I've made,I would not have to keep reminding myself of the sacred aspect of it all. . .
    My banner is a Mike Lee creation!We discussed a few things & then,ta-dah(!),this is what he made for me :)