Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcoming August

It's been a crazy busy week! I haven't had time to settle into writing a full post, but I thought I should check in. . . My sister-in-law is here for a visit. She and I have made several road trips to check out college campuses in Central Texas. (And let me tell you, if Texas is on your list, SCHEDULE IT IN FEBRUARY! August during a drought and excessive heat makes the walking tour INTENSE)!

 University of Texas at Austin

Monday, the Emerge course began, and this morning was the first opportunity I've had to check out the content! Vivienne McMaster gave suggestions for a photo walk, so I am excited to do some wandering with that in mind.

SouLodge starts this coming Monday. I've been gathering some tools in anticipation: sage, sweetgrass, Osha Root(for Bear), Mugwort (for vision), tobacco, sacred stones, feathers, and a wide open Spirit. . . .

Hot on the heels of my last post, Owl led me out of the darkness with an invitation from the young woman next door to be her birth doula. I am both awed and nervous. Once we left Omaha, and after my hospitalization in Spring 2009, I have not actively pursued that role. I couldn't really tell you HOW this opportunity has come about. Just the wild workings of the Universe. If I may humbly ask, I would love for your goddess well wishes. She is due NEXT WEEK!

And, August marks the anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. It's been 29 years.

Lots on my heart and mind to share with you in the coming weeks.

Following the Spiral Path


  1. Oh, that final shot? Crazy beautiful! You were in a dream of mine while we traveled Colorado ... I gathered some stones in preparation for SouLodge ... what kind of tobacco do you recommend buying? I need a new sage stick as well (and wouldn't we all like a big owl or hawk wing for smudging?) ... oh, and hawk left me another feather and on our trip we saw coyote, elk (they kept Rick awake!), mountain goats and a young buck.

    Can't wait to get started ... and to hear about your doula experience! I know I would ask you to be mine :) Guess that would have entailed traveling to China ...

    xo Lis

  2. i LOVE that spiral!!!! well Soul Lodge sounds divine. i will resist another online gig for now though. :o)
    can't wait to hear about it!!
    and holding you and new baby arrival assistance with love and light!!!

  3. omg i'm so behind in my reading!! how did i miss this?!?!

    doula? FAB!! i tell you -- i love everything about's such a magical and powerful and sacred time --it makes my heart happy to see women approaching it from that place. i know it'll be brilliant. if i was going to have another one (ack!) i'd have all you three with question....

    beautiful, beautiful spiral....