Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Channeling Spring into Postcards

I love postcards! The size of them, the look of them-from campy, touristy to artsy museum.Who doesn't like the surprise of one in your mailbox?! They are the pared-down evidence of a wild adventure. So when my friend Lis shared the information for a DIY international postcard swap, how could I resist? The project involved creating 10 of my very own postcards to be mailed out to 10 other postcard swappers around the world. Here's a peek into my creative adventure:

I used 4x6 pieces of watercolor paper.
To bypass the fear of a blank page, I laid down some color with my beloved caran d'ache water soluble crayons. For collage elements, I played with origami papers, dried flower petals, acrylics, and water colors.

To make them sturdy, I adhered the cards to illustration board and coated everything with some gel medium.
So much fun!
[Thanks iHanna for all your hard work organizing this swap. Thanks Lis for inspiring me to get involved. And, thanks, to the artists whose postcards have been in my mailbox the last few days!]


  1. Well thanks You right back for sharing your creativit want your love of all things postcards, yours look great!

  2. look at all those YUMMY colors and images! oh my! gorgeous!!!! i want to do this, but oh my gosh i've already got my hands in so many creative pots... :o)

  3. Love your flowers! This swap has been an awesome experience, hasn't it? :-)

  4. These are lovely postcards, Angela! I love the touches of gold : ) lenna

  5. Angela, these are fabulous! I know I love the cards you have sent me ... they really capture your spirit! I love that line "the whole day was a good poem."

    isn't it fun seeing what others are making and then actually receiving their goodies in the mail?

    xo Lis

  6. Fun to see your cards, thanks for sharing.


  7. I absolutely LOVE the colors and designs here...the tree that looks as though it is blowing in the wind just reaches out and grabs hold of me..stunning!

  8. I received the butterfly postcard recently, and I love the quote. So cool this was your first postcard swap, mine too!!! Thank you so much!!